Mar Mac’s Seal Wrap Repair Kit is a convenient, effective, and easy solution to repair Reinforced Concrete Pipe.  Our Seal Wrap repair kit is a complete mobile sealing kit for joints, cracks, cracked bells, or damaged sections of pipe. Easily transportable, and field customizable our Seal Wrap Repair Kit contains everything necessary to make several rapid repairs on site, even under less than ideal field conditions. The kit contains an extra wide roll of our industry proven Seal Wrap joint wrap, along with stainless steel securing bands to be applied on top of the joint wrap for an instantaneous and permanent positive seal.

Our kits come in commonly used widths (24”-48”), and are completely customizable depending on the customer’s common needs or specifications.  Please contact us today for more information on how having a Seal Wrap Repair Kit on any job site can save you time, money and labor while permanently sealing damaged or imperfect  sections of pipe.