Have a Damaged section of HDPE pipe?

Mar Mac’s PolySeal Repair Couplers are the “go to” solution for sealing damaged sections of HDPE pipe.  PolySeal Repair couplers are permanent, cost effective, and easily installed making them the perfect solution for the rehabilitation of damaged, punctured, or cracked plastic polymer pipe.  MarMac’s repair couplers can be designed to seal and secure all sizes and profiles of corrugated plastic pipe, and can be customized to any width necessary to properly seal the damaged area of the pipe. Our couplers are readily available, stock able, and quickly and easily installable.

The PolySeal Repair Coupler utilizes our specially formulated mastic, cross laminated with an internalized layer of a high strength polypropylene woven reinforcement. Our mastic is aggressive and resilient, and combined with the woven reinforcement our Polyseal repair couplers are both puncture and shear resistant. The couplers are wrapped externally around the pipe to be repaired, and then are permanently secured into place by a minimum of 4 integrated compression bands. The integration of these high tensile bands allows the coupler to be immediately backfilled, and creates a virtually instantaneous positive seal even under less than optimal field conditions.


For more information on our PolySeal Repair Couplers please contact us via our digital contact form or please call 843-335-5814