Mar Mac's MacWrap for RCP and Manholes is an advanced external joint coupler specifically designed for preventing infiltration at connections of Reinforced Concrete pipe, Manhole sections, and many other round or elliptical concrete structures.

MacWrap exceeds ASTM C 877 (Type II), the industry standard for external joint seals for RCP and structures, by integrating several unique components into a single customizable full perimeter external sealing band.  With tens of thousands of these couplers installed and performing successfully throughout North America, MacWrap has proven to be the premiere solution for even the most challenging of installations and has become the “go to” solution for when it really matters.

MacWrap utilizes our specially formulated and aggressive mastic base layer, which adheres aggressively to concrete, and continues to “cold flow” at typical ground temperatures, actually increasing its bonding ability over time by penetrating exposed pores and permanently bonding with the pipe wall.

MacWrap’s initial bonding ability is enhanced further by the integration of internalized steel compression bands within the coupler, a minimum of one to fall on either side of the joint gap. These high tensile straps in combination with integrated tensioning ratchets allow the installer to quickly and easily secure MacWrap in proper position before back fill, and compress the mastic undersurface of the coupler into the pipe wall. This eliminates common problems with settlement at the joint and allows for quick, easy, and safe installation without the need for open flames, additional primers, extra tools, or other potentially hazardous materials in the open trench.

Unlike sealing bands composed solely of plastic backed extruded mastic, MacWrap has an internally laminated layer of high shear strength woven polypropylene. This unique feature greatly increases puncture and shear resistance, and even allows for flexibility of the joint coupler to accommodate some settlement at the joint gap and helps prevent rocky backfill from tearing or penetrating therefore causing preventable infiltration.

All Mar Mac MacWrap pipe seals are protected from corrosion, acids, alkalines and other commonly entrained pollutants by a heavy duty backing. Our standard couplers use a heavy Polyethylene, one of the most chemically inert materials available, making MacWrap a permanent infiltration barrier. MacWrap can also be manufactured with custom backings to resist and prevent infiltration of high concentrations of hydrocarbons commonly found near airports and transportation hubs. Even UV resistant backings are available for permanent above ground installations.

Our exclusive manufacturing process for MacWrap allows for unrivaled customization, short production times and a demanding quality control system in order to provide the best possible permanent and superior infiltration proof barrier.