How to select the right window treatment for you!

How to select the right window treatment for you!

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Windows have been incorporated into the building of dwellings since the beginning of time. The need to cover these windows began as a necessity to protect from all types of heat, cold, and weather related issues. They were also needed for privacy. Rudimentary window coverings consisted of wood boards, metal bars, exterior shutters, and fabrics. We have the same functionality needs for covering our windows today. However, we now have the ability to add beauty and style to our windows as well.
So, how do you select the right window covering that meets both your function and style needs? Easy, give SD Blinds & Design a call! We can help you figure it all out. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What direction do my windows face and do my windows get direct sunlight?
  • Do I want my windows completely covered or would I like some light to filter through?
  • Do I want the softness of fabric or the structure of a shutter or blind?
  • Do I want to express my style in my window covering choice or do I want something that blends in with my space?

There are some many other questions to consider that we can help you with.

Call to schedule a free consultation today!

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