Probably So! We manufacture a wide variety of couplers which can adapt between almost any types of pipe. The one limiting factor is how large a difference in Internal Diameters exists between the two pipes to be joined. We can joint any two pipes of the same nominal or internal size regardless of the type of pipes coming together, and can often account for most differences between different size and type pipes but there is a limit. For specific inquiries please shoot us an email to and we will be happy to answer a question specific to your scenario.

Probably so! Our Dissimilar Pipe Couplers can account for the most common scenarios where it is necessary to join to pipes of different nominal or Outer Diameter Sizes. Extreme cases do exist though, and the quickest and most accurate way to provide the correct product is for you to contact us via phone or shoot us an email at with the specific size and type pipes to be joined. We will take a quick but accurate look at your scenario and have you an answer almost immediately.

We will be happy to send a quick and easy New Customer Form to set up billing or we can accept both MasterCard and Visa for instantaneous payment without having to set up an account. Please call us or send an email to to request your New Customer Form or if you have questions about the ordering process.

We ship all order from 334 N. 7th St. McBee, SC 29101.

We are happy to drop ship your order directly to the customer or job site.

Yes, we are flexible with our freight carriers and can use a specific one at your request. We are happy to use your account to ship with any major freight companies.