Mar Mac Construction Products is dedicated to protecting and improving the environment on a local and global level.  Many of our products help remediate or prevent the spread of contaminants commonly found entrained in ground water or soils in industrialized areas.  Our seals and couplers help prevent the infiltration and spreading of contaminants into and through storm water systems, while our other products, such as our oil filtering socks, help to absorb and properly dispose of pollutants before they enter into storm water systems. We also manufacture products designed to protect the integrity of the earth in and around construction sites by minimizing or eliminating damaging and unnatural erosion. 

Mar Mac has taken a strong proactive stance in minimizing the amount of pollution created during our manufacturing processes.  We monitor and minimize the creation of “scrap” by utilizing highly efficient machinery and techniques, preventing the generation of excess waste for landfills.  We educate and our employee family on how to minimize use of Electrical and Fossil Fuel generated energy sources while at work and at home, and we have updated our equipment to be more efficient while operating.  Mar Mac products often end up being used specifically in contaminated soils, so we understand the necessity of monitoring our own production and storm water systems to make sure that we never introduce a polluting or hazardous substance into our local environment, in fact Mar Mac has banned the use or on campus possession of many products which contain harmful or potentially harmful chemicals such as PCB’s.

Whether at home in McBee, SC or around the world on job sites, Mar Mac Construction Products remains dedicated to improving and maintaining our environment for future generations.