Joining Separate types and/or sizes of pipe?

MarMac Dissimilar Pipe couplers are engineered to join and restrain dissimilar pipes while preventing infiltration into the system. Mar Mac Dissimilar Pipe couplers, join RCP, CMP, DI, PVC, HDPE, BMP separator systems and more. With hundreds of designs to cover virtually any scenario, MarMac DP couplers have sealed thousands of connections between different sizes and types of pipe.

MarMac Dissimilar Pipe Couplers are easy to install, cost efficient, permanent, and readily available. Our dedicated production line and our unique manufacturing system allows us to quickly ship small or large quantities of couplers custom designed specifically for almost any type and sizes of pipe you encounter in the field. Often couplers are available for shipping the same day the order is placed, and we regularly ship to jobsites and drop ship directly to customers or end users.