Having problems sealing a difficult pipe joint or structure connection?Mar Mac is a reliable, quick and cost efficient source for custom soil and water tight couplers for virtually any type of pipe or water retention system.  With our flexible manufacturing system Mar Mac is able to produce couplers, geotextile wraps, joint wraps, and grout forms of various widths, lengths, and designs to seal a wide variety of unusual or otherwise difficult to seal situations.

Mar Mac can also help design effective and cost efficient solutions to many of the problems encountered with retrofitting, repairing, or tying into existing infrastructure by combining two or more of our products into one simple system.  For example, combining a Mar Mac Dissimilar Pipe Coupler with a custom width Grout Band allows the installer to seal two separate types or sizes of pipe and then create structural integrity via forming a concrete form around the joints without the need for pouring an encasing box.

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