"From the best materials and test performance to proper sizing and fit, CHAIN BRAKERS set the standard for superior quality chain saw leggings.”


CHAIN BRAKERS are certified by Underwrighter's Labratories, Inc. to meet ASTM F1897-14 " Standard Specifications for Leg Protection For Chain Saw Users" . In fact, Chain Brakers extra leg length and flared width exceed the requirements, providing added coverage not found in other brands. Generous sizing and adjustable belting ensure ultimate protection from the critical bladder/groin area down to the top of the foot.

The advanced protection of CHAIN BRAKERS begins with its interior fabric. Composed of a proprietary polyester warp knit chain braking material and designed for bidirectional release, this high-performance material offers greater braking power with almost half the layers required of other braking materials. The result is a lighter, less bulky pad for more comfortable human protection.

CHAIN BRAKERS’ outer layer is constructed of a high denier  polyester oxford fabric, specially coated with a PU based coating to repel oil, water, and dirt. This tough outer shell helps defend against penetrating rips and tears from thorns and heavy underbrush. Chain Brakers are also designed with user comfort in mind, and are relatively breathable and light weight compared to other options on the market.

OSHA 1910.266

Meets the Leg Protection Requirements for OSHA 1910.266 Standards for Chainsaw Operators

ASTM F1897-14

Meets the ASTM F1897-14 Standard Specification for Leg Protection for Chainsaw Users


CHAIN BRAKERS are made in the USA by skilled artisans supported by over 40 years of company experience in fabricating Human Protection Gear. Bindings and belting are double stitched with heavy duty thread and bartacked at stress points. Each pair of chain saw leggings is inspected to ensure they pass rigid quality standards.

CHAIN BRAKERS offer chain saw operator’s freedom as well as peace of mind. Heavy gauge belting combined with “quick clip” buckles make CHAIN BRAKERS a snap to put on and take off. Their lightweight, flexible construction allows excellent mobility and comfort..


CHAIN BRAKERS are available in three generous sizes. For maximum protection, ensure proper sizing by measuring from the waist to the top of the foot.

Medium/Large: 34”

X-Large: 38”

XX-Large: 42”

Stock color is International Orange.


Although this product is manufactured to the applicable specifications including ASTM F1897-14, no one can guarantee an injury will not occur or will be less severe because an operator wears this garment. This garment is intended to, under limited conditions, assist the wearer in reducing the severity of injury from a running power saw chain which accidently contacts the operators leg. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions may result in the protective garment no longer providing the applicable minimum protection requirements of ASTM F1997-14. Improper use of any chain saw can cause serious injury. Carefully read, and follow all operating procedures and safety precautions in your saw’s current Owner’s and/or Safety Manual. It is up to you, the user, to determine and follow the procedures for the use and care of your chain saw and this garment. The manufacturer makes no warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, as to the performance of this product for preventing injuries.