Mar Mac Dissimilar Pipe Coupling...

MarMac Dissimilar coupler was designed to join and restrain dissimilar pipes while preventing infiltration into the system. Custom engineered to join RCP, CMP, DI, PVC, HDPE and BMP separator systems. Time tested proven design.

Mar Mac Disimilar Pipe Coupling

  • Rubberized mastic laminated to strong reinforcing mesh designed for long term structural integrity
  • High strength steel straps incorporated inside the coupler compress the specially formulated mastic to permanently bond to the pipe surface
  • Durable, chemically inert and resistant to the effect of common ground conditions¬†

The coupler shall be placed around the pipe, mastic side to the pipe, spanning the joint. The protective release film shall be removed and the coupler applied with the overlap at the top of the pipe. The straps shall be secured (outside straps first) on the larger OD pipe with the proper tools, the securing straps on the outside of the smaller OD shall then be secured, the inside strap shall be tightened last. The closing flap shall cover the exposed strap work area, completing the joint.

* Efficacy of this product is dependent upon factors including: proper preparation, installation and backfill.